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Undergraduate Honors

My thesis is that this objection can be successfully answered. Students with a catalog year of and earlier were required to take PHI Kevin Knudson via Dr. Although this will be unusual for biology students e.

Completion of an approved research project or creative work. This website may be helpful to family and friends who are planning to attend your graduation. That page also describes the possibility of pursuing three majors. For this date please refer to Academic Deadlines and Calendars.

Our mission is to discover, invent and develop applications of new knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources. The letter also needs to include a space for a signature line for the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs.

Of the 33 credit hours required for the major, at least 27 of them must be at the level or above, and at least 6 credit hours must be at the level or above, excluding PHIPHHPHIand PHI Please see the instructions listed under the tab labelled, "How do I submit? Distinction of magna or summa cum laude is based on both GPA and faculty evaluation of the thesis.

For assistance with formatting, go to the Honors Program website.

Institutional Repository at the University of Florida IR@UF: Honors Theses

Distinction of magna or summa cum laude is based on faculty committee evaluation of the thesis. If my honors status changes, what should I do? Who should undertake an honors thesis project? Examiners recommend the degree of honors honors, high honors, highest honors to the Honors Committee, which certifies the list to the registrar for printing in the commencement program and on the students' diplomas.

Theses and Dissertations

Student must also write an honors thesis under supervision of a faculty mentor. Find a faculty supervisor for your project. If your project is approved, the Economics Department will register you for ECOa one credit honors thesis course which is taken for a Satisfactory S or Unsatisfactory U grade.

Graduating With Honors

If you applied to graduate on time, you will still be able to pick up your regalia, walk in the ceremony and have your name listed in the commencement program.Graduating with Honors In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students must meet the college requirements for cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude below.

Students will be granted magna (high honors) or summa (highest honors) cum laude if they meet the college requirements AND the requirements specified by their major below. Students in other programs at UF are required to submit theses for High/Highest Honors. You should treat the preparation and submission of your application as the equivalent of writing and submitting a thesis.

The Career Resource Center, Honors advisors, and the Internet are all good starting points to find outside research opportunities. Academic Credit Students are encouraged to register for research credit through their own departments. Whether you are teaching an Honors course, serving on a HIM thesis committee, or mentoring a SMART student, we believe that you will find your involvement with Honors students to.

The Honors program is an opportunity for students who have shown potential for superior academic performance and who desire a highly engaging experience as an undergraduate. After admission to the university, all students who received a score of or above on the math, writing and critical.

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Jeannie Wilkening is an Honors College graduate who mixes a scientific mind with connections that extend well beyond the lab. Now pursuing a PhD after a Churchill Scholars award – and Masters – from the University of Cambridge, she’s quick to share her insights with current and prospective Wildcats.

Honors thesis uf
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