Hr personnel policy with special reference to

Management's basic job is the effective utilization of human resources for achievements of organizational objectives. This study will be helpful for all banks who do not perform HRM practices. The principles should become integrated into how your company accomplishes its work. Dale and Hyten, elaborated on Maslow suggestion that people are motivated by much more than just money or job satisfaction.

The personnel management is concerned with organizing human resources in such a way to get maximum output to the enterprise and to develop the talent of people at work to the fullest satisfaction.


Managers cannot really do anything or be effective in their jobs, if their employees are not motivated to perform well. The study focuses on the practice and observance of the two central factors, Job satisfaction, Job performances and reducing the employee turnover for enhancing employee motivation which leads to organizational effectiveness.

HR Policies & Employment Legislation

If human resource gets the proper treatment from the side of employer he or she decides to stay in the organization more. Of course, this is dependent on your employees having received and understood the policies contained within the handbook so it is often a good idea to ask employees to sign a statement confirming this.

Motivation implies that one person, in organization context a manager, includes another, say an employee, to engage in action by ensuring that a channel to satisfy those needs and aspirations becomes available to the person.

Motivation is the driving force of an organization when an employee is derived to attain goal of an organization. For this reason it is often a good idea to designate someone with this responsibility.

For the handbook to serve as valid documentation, it must be updated as policies are updated and changed. They are always pre occupied with a wish for improvement, and lack of situation in which successful results with their efforts directly related to each other.

Training is the best way of getting something new and new idea, concept and Knowledge. So without any confusion we can easily confess that HR is the best resource among the all resources Man, Machine, Money, Method, materials and market of the organization.

A manager has to make appropriate use of motivation to enthuse the employees to follow them. Motivation is an important function which every manager performs for actuating the people to work for accomplishment of objectives of the organization.

For the present study ICB an autonomous Investment Bank a leading public sector is taken as case study. Be consistent with the terms of the collective agreement Be reasonable Be brought to the attention of the employee before the employer can act upon it Be consistently enforced from the time it was introduced Make employees aware that breach of the rule may result in discipline, up to and including discharge from employment Collectively, the above six factors are colloquially called the KVP Rules.

It is related with social needs and creates friendship. Factors influencing job satisfaction were also determined using the student t-test.

Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual

The relationship between dimensions of job satisfaction was measured using Pearson correlations. The employees are very much encouraged to know the compensation level of the employees. It is the concluding product of interface among personality behavior and organizational distinctiveness IRCO.

Intranet and shared Drives Organizations can make their policies available to employees electronically either on an intranet or on shared drives. This approach is particularly recommended where contravening the policy could result in harm to the employee e. In a growing number of organizations human resources are now viewed as a source of competitive advantage.

If providing a copy of the policy with the e-mail it is often better to provide the link to where the employee can access the policy rather than the actual policy so that it is always the most recent version of the policy being accessed.

It is recommended that an employer seeks legal advice before discharging an employee for cause based on violation of a policy.Human resource is the vital of all the elements of an organization.

There are six elements in an organization like man, materials, machine, money, method and markets. Among them man is the. increments, statically reporting, employee relations, performance management, job evaluation, policy formulation to understand the best practices, retirements, occupational and career guidance redundancy advice, resignations, termination of employment.

These are the functions as well as HR practices of Human Resource Departments. Human Resource Management – Conceptual Issues with Special Reference 41 The presentation of this chapter has been divided into two sections - Section A relates to the Human Resource Management- Conceptual issues.

HR/Personnel Policy: with special reference to Hiring-Firing & Fringe Benefit of Robi Axiata Limited and Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd.

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Description: This paper will discuss about different aspect of the HR policy of two different companies. Employee motivation with special reference “”The project work entitled a study on employee motivation with special reference to Finity Contract Ltd; is mainly conducted to identify the factors which will motivate the employees and the organizational functions in Finity Contract Ltd.

Human resource is the vital of all the elements of an organization. There are six elements in an organization like man, materials, machine, money, method and markets. Among them man is the important element of all. How are you conducting the human resources of an organization is the important issue of the organization.

Hr personnel policy with special reference to
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