Lesson on writing a news article

When you follow a quote with an attributive tag he said, Parker writesthen you end the quote with a comma unless it's a questioneven when the quote is a complete sentence. Remind students that they will be "reporters" as they write about what happens as the mythological gods and goddesses of the past roam the modern-day city of Los Angeles or your city.

Give each group a copy of the Transparency Chart see associated file. Review students' work using the answer key below. Remind students that news stories should be as objective as possible.

Writing a Newspaper Article

Have students read about the physical features of Mars in this Special Report. Picture Dictionary You can create your own newspaper. Students will create clay models of the Martian surface.

Tell students to take out their articles. Then review or introduce some techniques of persuasive writing.

Creating a Classroom Newspaper

Does all information follow correct bibliographic format? Near the end of class, tell students to put their work in their notebooks for tomorrow. Students will take an active role of choosing the newspaper article from online or available newspapers at school or at home.

These skills may also be taught through the use of the news articles. Did the mission teach us something that we need to know in order to visit the Red Planet? A neighbor finds a missing dog in his backyard.

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Write their conclusions in a list on a blank overhead transparency or the chalkboar. What was the main point of the story? Near the end of class, discuss with students the final presentation of their articles. Next, distribute a copy of the selected newspaper article to each student.

Quality Checklist Have I organized the article review in a logical fashion with ideas clearly and concisely stated?

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Have students interview older family members about their memories of the lunar landing. Ask them to read the first paragraph, called the lead. Briefly discuss the effectiveness of each type of lead. Brainstorm the qualities a person would need to be so far from family and friends for an extended time and the difficulties they might face.

Lesson 3: Writing News

Students can be reporters, researching and writing newspaper articles. Share the four pieces of chart paper with the "lead" information with the students.

Have students debate the issues surrounding the use of animals in the space program: Keep the article short and to the point.Students write authentic newspaper stories, including learning about various aspects of newspapers, such as writing an article, online articles, newspaper reading habits, and layout and design techniques.

times new roman arial black arial default design newspaper writing the headline some examples example 1 example 1 example 2 example 2 example 3 example 3 example 4 example 4 tabloid language tabloid language tabloid language headline feedback writing your article slide One great way to utilize these skills is by teaching newspaper article writing to your students.

Before you go over any specifics, it can be helpful to have a class discussion about newspaper writing. Lesson plan. Writing a news report Topic News reports Aims • To develop students’ abilities to organise information and construct it into a text.

There are some students for whom reading the newspaper is too difficult and tedious at this time. Reading the article to the student would allow the student to determine answers to who, what, when, where, why, how questions on the word map. Students (individually or in pairs) will use iPads and the Educreations app to find the main idea and supporting details of the main Scholastic News article.

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Students will write the Title, Main Idea, Supporting details, and add a photo (from the web tool).

Lesson on writing a news article
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